Nexus Real Estate Corporation


Talisay City

Antara is Cebu's first Balinese-inspired condominium development offering panoramic views of the sea, the vibrant city skyline to the north and the lush green mountains to the south.

Live in an immersive environment, expertly designed with the sense of Balinese Architecture in tropical styles that give you comfort and peace of mind by being one with nature. With the elements of plants, trees, natural building materials, and wide-open spaces, living in a luxurious residential is the best place to relax, ponder, and truly enjoy 70% open space of mother nature.

Antara Residential Condominium has a potential growth rate of 10% to 20% per annum driven by the market of value of its location which is in Cebu City as one of the most-searched cities in the Philippines; its accessibility, amenities, and the reputation of the developer.